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Rewarding Your Employees with Gift Cards for Special Occasions

Posted by Will Taylor on Oct 30, 2017

Thanks in large part to technology, globalization and changing values in younger generations, the workplace isn’t what it used to be. What motivates today’s employees is different from what motivated their predecessors, and employers tend to place more value on ensuring their people are motivated and happy. Studies show work/life balance perks like allowing employees to work remotely on occasion, unlimited vacation policies, and well-designed incentive and reward programs can increase employee happiness and productivity, and cut costs for your organization.

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Ten Unique Ways to Use Promo Cards

Posted by Will Taylor on Oct 02, 2017

Promotional cards are a cost-effective way to drive results, incentivize performance, and solve a variety of other business and marketing challenges. Research shows 84% of U.S. businesses are already using non-cash rewards like promo cards to compensate key audiences, but many aren’t taking advantage of all the ways promotional cards can help you connect with the people who matter most.

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Five Ways Incentives Can Get Car Buyers Behind the Wheel

Posted by Matt Waldie on Sep 18, 2017

Since I started driving, I’ve owned well over 50 vehicles. From every-day models, to brand new luxury cars with extensive custom modifications, to classic pieces of machinery minted before I was born, to racecars that hug track curves and fly down straightaways.

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The Way We Buy Cars in 2017: Six Trends Affecting the Auto Industry

Posted by Will Taylor on Sep 08, 2017

The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Today, e-commerce dominates industries from clothing to groceries to prescription medication. Experts call it the Amazon Effect, and no sector – not even automotive – is immune. Still, customer expectations and desires are changing thanks to digital innovation, and the auto industry needs to adapt. Here are six things dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) should keep in mind to stay competitive in 2017 and beyond:

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