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How Does EML Enroll Your Suppliers?

Posted by Kelly Winters on Jan 16, 2018

Curious about what it takes to get your suppliers accepting electronic payments? Take a walk through EML’s process to understand what an enrollment campaign looks like:

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Accounts Payable: Make the Switch from Cost Center to Revenue Center

Posted by Ben Bianchino on Jan 02, 2018

For decades, Accounts Payable (AP) departments have been the true “back office” of organizations around the globe. AP workers wrote the checks and managed the spreadsheets that kept your company invoices in check. Without the staff’s hard work, your organization would have crumbled. 

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From Procurement to Payment: What is the Real Recipe for Success?

Posted by Michelle Young on Dec 21, 2017

The layers of processes, priorities and flows involved in the organizational supply chain can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can feel like there are too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen.

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Kicking Things Off With a Bang

Posted by Eric Mettemeyer on Dec 14, 2017

We have a neat tradition here at EML. Whenever we launch a new program with one of our customers, we celebrate by banging a gong on our main floor.

Now, this is no ordinary gong. It is large, in charge, and guarded by Lloyd Christmas!

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Five Reasons to Consider Custom Loop Gift Cards

Posted by Anthony Dobson on Dec 13, 2017

Most gift cards fall into one of two categories – closed loop and open loop. Closed loop cards are the classic gift cards we’re all familiar with – you can only spend them at one store and, as a cardholder, you’re out of luck if you don’t need or want anything they sell. Open loop cards, in contrast, can be spent anywhere network cards, such as Visa®, Mastercard®, and Discover®, are accepted. They offer infinite choice for the cardholder, but are often maligned as impersonal.

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Five reasons to abandon paper checks immediately

Posted by Ben Bianchino on Dec 08, 2017

Virtual payments are on the rise. Between 2004 and 2016, as electronic payment technology matured, the percentage of B2B payments made by paper check decreased from more than eighty percent to just over fifty percent. Still, that’s more than half of all B2B invoices paid with paper checks, and there’s no excuse for it. Virtual payments offer so many benefits over checks that it’s time to ditch the paper and never look back.

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