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How to Make Incentives, Rewards and Gifts More Meaningful – And Profitable – With Custom Loop Payment Cards

Posted by Eric Mettemeyer on Oct 17, 2017

In many scenarios, open and closed loop payment cards are easy to fund, distribute and redeem. But are they doing everything you want in terms of user experience, brand-building and directed spending? Here’s why a custom loop payment card may be perfect for your brand, your customers – and your business goals.

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Five Problems with Paper Gift Certificates

Posted by Anthony Dobson on Oct 17, 2017

If you’re still using paper gift certificates as you gear up for the 2017 holiday shopping season, it’s time to consider making the switch to plastic. The National Retail Federation expects this year’s retail sales to top 2016’s $658.3 billion, and you want to harness as much of that purchasing power as you can.

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What is Procure to Pay?

Posted by Eric Mettemeyer on Oct 09, 2017

For a payments guy like me, “Procure to Pay” is a strange industry term

Within large businesses, there is often a function called procurement.  Procurement is the function of buying goods and services that support the business itself.  From office supplies, to product materials, to telecommunication services that support the business’ back office operations, the Procurement team is responsible for sourcing suppliers, negotiating prices, and managing contracts.  Large businesses are continually challenged with centralizing the procurement function in order to maximize volume discounts and ensure compliance with approved goods and services.

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Ten Unique Ways to Use Promo Cards

Posted by Will Taylor on Oct 02, 2017

Promotional cards are a cost-effective way to drive results, incentivize performance, and solve a variety of other business and marketing challenges. Research shows 84% of U.S. businesses are already using non-cash rewards like promo cards to compensate key audiences, but many aren’t taking advantage of all the ways promotional cards can help you connect with the people who matter most.

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Connecting with Area Executives and Celebrating Kansas City

Posted by Emily Perkins on Sep 29, 2017

EML joins Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and hosts networking event

When EML chose Kansas City for its North American headquarters at the end of 2016, its leaders knew the move to Missouri would positively affect company culture, growth potential and the city itself.

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Five Ways Incentives Can Get Car Buyers Behind the Wheel

Posted by Matt Waldie on Sep 18, 2017

Since I started driving, I’ve owned well over 50 vehicles. From every-day models, to brand new luxury cars with extensive custom modifications, to classic pieces of machinery minted before I was born, to racecars that hug track curves and fly down straightaways.

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